New Peugeot e208 official vehicle Marató de Tarragona

We travel the circuit of the SBHotels Marató de Tarragona With the New Peugeot e208, the electric car that will be the official vehicle of this race.

New electric Peugeot e208 in the Marathon

Juanan Fernández, CEO and director of Sport No Limit Group, accompanies us to briefly explain the strategic points of this test that will take place on February 2.

Peugeot Joaquin Oliva It adds another year as an official vehicle on the tenth anniversary of the Marathon and will participate as head of course with the New Peugeot e208, the 100% electric version of the brand's latest launch.

The objective, in addition to supporting the more than 2,000 riders, is to improve our footprint in the environment thanks to the use of the electric vehicle in the test. Its 0 CO2 emissions, 0 noise and 0 odors make the new vehicle totally respectful of the environment and sports fans.

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